Friday, May 21, 2010

It's summer!!

Wow! It's the end of another school year! How time flies! My baby boy graduated kindergarten this morning. I was able to hold back the tears until the baby picture slide show, I wish I could keep him from growing up! He is excited about going to first grade. My oldest son Reece will start his Senior year of high school in August. I am already having a hard time dealing with that! I'm probably going to have to keep a box of tissues with me at all times! I told my husband everyday will be a last, his last first day of school, his last second day of school, etc.... LOL Anyway, he has plans of going to Texas A&M when he graduates.
My middle son Chase will be a Sophomore in high school and is ready for football season!

Well, I just wanted to share this card that I made for Chance's kindergarten teacher. Hope ya'll like it!

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Winter said...

Oh how sweet! I cried at Chace's Kindergarten Graduation too! The slide show was so hard! :(
Very cute card too! :)