Sunday, May 24, 2009

DVD case cover

Hey! Hope ya'll are having a great day! I cleaned house today and my husband and I cooked hamburgers on the grill today for my son and some of his friends. They were really good (the hamburgers), well the kids were good too, very good kids! Anyway I wanted to show ya'll the DVD case cover I made for the video of my son's pre-school graduation program. The theme was " God's Love Goes Overboard". The kids wore t-shirts with a fish on it and a sailor cap. They were just toooo cute! This is my baby Chance with some of his friends before the program started. He is the 2nd one from the right.

Now I'll show you the DVD case. This is the front:

And this is the inside:

Well, I better go get Chance ready for bed. Ya'll have a wonderful day tomorrow and thanks for looking!

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Steph said...

what very cute kids. They look so cute in their fish shirts and hats. I love the theme it's good to know they are learning about God's love. Enjoy those kids:)